Conditions1. Buy at Målhandsker.dkMålhandsker.dkBirkehusene 802690 KarlslundeCVR no .: 398769812. PricesAll prices are in Danish kroner and incl. VAT and other taxes.Subject to:currency ChangesForce majeureDelivery failurestax ChangesSold out items and printing errors3. ORDER CONFIRMATIONWhen you receive the order confirmation, make sure that it is in accordance with your order. If you find errors or have changes to your order, please contact Må at info@Maalhandsker.dk4. DELIVERYSample packages are shipped with DAO365 and usually delivered within 1-2 working days. However, there may be longer delivery times in connection with promotional campaigns, public holidays and the like. In case DAO365 cannot distribute to the private address due to special circumstances, it will be distributed to the parcel shop. DAO365 holds the keys for 99% of the country’s ranks.Må sends all orders free of charge.Må only supplies goods on the mainland and bridged islands in Denmark.5. PAYMENTThe possible payment methods at Må are:DankortWe sawVisa ElectronMastercardMaestro


We have secured our webshop with SSL encryption, which ensures that the information you enter can only be viewed by Nets (formerly PBS). Your subscription will be deducted each month.6. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWALIn consumer purchases, where the ordering of goods is made via telephone or the Internet, the consumer has a 14-day cancellation right.So you have 14 days of right of withdrawal from the day you receive your goods. The right of cancellation can only be used if the goods are returned in substantially the same condition and quantity. The cancellation right lapses if you use the item in a way that significantly reduces the sales value. For example, used target gloves are not returned. If you regret your purchase, you can either refuse to receive the package or return the item to:Målhandsker.dkBirkehusene 802690 KarlslundeWe ask you to enclose a copy of the invoice for the purchased goods as proof that the returned goods have been purchased at Målhandsker.dkIf you refuse the receipt of the package, or refrain from picking it up at the post office / parcel shop, you will be charged the shipping cost for PostNord / GLS to return the parcel to us.Må recommends that the goods be returned via PostNord or GLS and that the goods are sent as parcel post. In this way, it is possible to trace the package in PostNord or GLS’s system, and thus eliminates any doubts as to whether the product has been handed over to Må Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be able to call for the package if delivery has not taken place. Upon return, you are responsible for ensuring that the goods are packed securely and you bear the risk of the goods from the time of delivery of the goods.You must return your order to us without undue delay and no later than 14 days after you have informed us that you wish to cancel your purchase. The notification must be given to In your message, you must make clear to us that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal.We may withhold the refund until we have returned the goods, unless you have previously submitted documentation to have returned it.In order to be able to use the right of withdrawal, the goods must be delivered to PostNord or other carrier within 14 days of receipt.When using the right of withdrawal, the goods must be returned in original packaging. Missing original packaging results in a deterioration of the sales value, which is why, based on an assessment made by Må, you will be credited with a correspondingly smaller amount corresponding to the deterioration.The following product types are excepted:Delivery of goods that are manufactured to the consumer’s specifications or have a distinct personal touchDelivery of sealed goods which, for health or hygiene reasons, are not suitable to be returned and where the seal has been broken after delivery.Delivery of goods which, because of their nature, are inextricably mixed with other goods on delivery7. WARRANTYAny errors or deficiencies in delivery from Må must be invoked in a reasonable time after you have discovered the error. You are required to indicate, and upon request, show how the error or defect appears. As a starting point, you can only complain about errors that appear no later than two years after you have received the goods. The right of appeal applies to manufacturing defects, not wear due to use of the product.Damage to the product caused by operating errors, handling errors, modifications or gross misuse by the user is not covered by the warranty.8. APPLICATION OF THE COURT OF LAWComplaints regarding defects and defects must be reported to Må within a reasonable time after the goods have been received.In this case, the item is returned to the address below at the customer’s expense:Målhandsker.dkBirkehusene 802690 KarlslundePlease describe the product’s defect or defect in connection with the complaint and state the order number. The product must be returned in proper packaging.We do not receive goods sent by demand or sent without postage. Furthermore, we do not download packages that have been sent “without distribution” with PostNord, to a GLS parcel shop or similar.If you have sent an item for cancellation or complaint, you will always receive an email when we have received the item. In the mail you will receive information about the further process in connection with the processing of your cancellation / complaint.9. PROPER RETURNAll products returned to Må must be securely wrapped. If you have broken the product packaging, please contact customer service at recommend that the item be returned via PosNord or GLS, and that the item is sent as a parcel post. In this way, it is possible to trace the package in PostNord’s system, and this thus eliminates any doubts as to whether the item has been handed over to Må Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be able to call for the package if delivery has not taken place.

  1. WHAT WE DO WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (PERSONAL DATA POLICY) In order for you to enter into an agreement with us at Må, you also accept our Privacy Policy / Privacy Policy. As registered with Må, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to know what information is registered about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act and inquiries related thereto are directed to Må by e-mail   11. COOKIES At Må, cookies are used for the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality, thereby making the visit as easy as possible for you. You can delete cookies from your computer at any time, depending on your browser. 12. LOGSTATISTICS We use a log statistics at Må which means that a statistics system collects information that can give a statistical picture of how many visitors we have, where they come from and where on the website it is abandoned, etc. The log statistics are only used for the purpose of optimizing 13. SUBSCRIPTION TERMS   Conclusion of the agreement The subscription terms apply to all types of our subscriptions. Changes in name, address, e-mail or payment information must be notified immediately to Må at, or changed via your account on our website. You will receive a receipt for your subscription agreement via email. Changing the subscription type Change in subscription type (each / every 2 months) is done free of charge. The change will take effect at the end of the existing period. They change subscription type via. my account or send an email to Subscription period and termination The agreement is valid from the day you enter the subscription agreement and continues until you cancel the subscription or in the event of non-payment. The subscription can be terminated when you wish, with immediate effect unless you have a bond. However, the subscription must be terminated before we have sent the delivery in question, if you have already received the delivery, you must make use of the right of cancellation. Termination must be made in writing to Må at or via letter to the address Må Birkehusene 80, 2690 Karlslunde.


When will my subscription payment be deducted? Payment for your subscription will be deducted each month. In connection with the money being withdrawn, you will receive an email with information about what amount and what the order contains. The amount being deducted will be the amount matching the subscription solution you have ordered. The money will be deducted on the day your subscription is renewed, cf. the date you have set up your subscription .. Your order will always be sent on the first day after your order. This will also apply to their future receipt of our subscription solutions. Payment Access to order history, receipts and subscription information can always be obtained via your account at Må, see more on your account. If payment is not made at the latest upon maturity, a fee for each reminder of DKK 100 and up to 10% of the bill’s size is charged. In case of late payment, Må reserves the right to impose default interest pursuant to section 5 (1) of the Interest Act. 1. If payment for subscription is not received, Må can terminate the subscription agreement without notice. Change payment details of your subscription If you receive a new payment card or you in other circumstances change payment information, it is important that you access their profile and change your information. If you do not change your information, Må will not be able to withdraw payment for your order, and you will therefore not receive any goods. If you are in doubt, you are very welcome to contact us at Alternatively, you can delete your subscription and create a new one with the correct map data.

Changes to the terms of the subscription? Changes to this agreement which will be to the benefit of the customer, including price and fee reduction, can be made by www.Må without prior notice. Changes to this agreement to the detriment of the customer, including price and fee increases, are notified with a minimum notice of 30 days. They must be at least 18 years of age to create a subscription at Må If they are under 18, Må must have the consent of your parents. You are deemed to have approved the changes if you have not notified us otherwise before the date on which the changes take effect. Current prices and subscription terms are available at www.Må Violation If you breach your subscription agreement or subscription terms, Må is entitled to cancel your subscription without notice. Processing of personal information In order to manage your subscription, Må processes a number of information about you, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and other matters of importance to your subscription. When subscribing for a subscription, you consent to us being able to use the information for administration of your subscription and for statistical purposes.

  1. Electronic and telephone inquiry As a condition of creating a membership at Må, you also consent to Må having to contact you by electronic mail and contacting you by phone. You will receive electronic messages in the form of emails on your registered email address and text messages on the registered mobile phone number. Må will contact you via electronic mail with information about updates, changes etc. regarding your membership at Må You will also be able to be contacted by phone on the registered mobile phone number with service / guidance on how to make the most of your current membership. You can unsubscribe at any time by answering “REPORT” in one of the emails we send to you. 15. Are you in doubt If you have any doubts, you are always welcome to contact 16. Complaints If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact: If we have not succeeded in finding a solution, you can file a complaint with the relevant boards in the area if the conditions for this are met. Complaints about ordinary goods you must go to the Consumer Complaints Board or create a case at the new European consumer portal ODR. consumer Complaints Carl Jacobsen’s Road 35 2500 Valby Phone: +47 41 71 50 00 – Online Dispute Resolution Terms for trading at Må were last updated 02.05.2019